Glasses & Sunglasses

Clinique d'optométrie SD&G Optometry Clinic

We are passionate about eyecare and eyewear! We carry a diverse and unique collection of frames in our optical boutiques, including the latest in luxury and brand name styles. We are also proud to offer exclusive collections of trendy local designer frames as well as eco collections focused on sustainable practices to create lightweight and elegant biobased styles.

Our expert dispensing team will guide in frame selection and find the perfect fit for you. We are also an authorized dealer for several quality and trendy sunglass designers to ensure you are well equipped with UV protection for the outdoors.

Ophthalmic lenses

Tailored design for your specific vision needs

Ophthalmic lenses are not all created equal! Our dispensed lenses are produced by the world’s leading and most innovative lens manufacturers, providing our patients with a unique range of cutting edge lens technology.

Our optometrists and optical team are skilled in identifying and understanding your specific vision needs and lifestyle to delivery a custom and quality product. Through our careful fitting process, our trained team provides professional adjustments and measurements for clear vision and a comfortable wear.

1-Hour Lab

Located in our Cornwall office, our onsite edging lab allows us to delivery rapid and quality service to our patients, with one-hour processing time for your convenience.

Repairs & Adjustments

We welcome patients to come in for an adjustment or repair to any of our products. Please call ahead to ensure time will be reserved for you with our staff.


Our frames and lenses come with a manufacturers warranty, so you can be confident your purchase is protected. We also offer a 60-day non-adapt no charge remake policy through which we can provide alternative options if you’re unable to adapt to your new glasses.

Eye See... Eye Learn Program

SD&G Optometry Clinic is a proud member of this program, administered by the Ontario Association of Optometrists. This program allows children in either junior or senior kindergarten to receive a free pair of glasses after an eye exam with one of our doctors.

Enchroma Lenses

This patented lens technology allows for some individuals with colour vision deficiency ("colour blindness") to see differences in colours they were never able to see before! If you believe you might be a candidate for this technology, please contact our Alexandria office.

Clinique d'optométrie SD&G Optometry Clinic
Clinique d'optométrie SD&G Optometry Clinic
Clinique d'optométrie SD&G Optometry Clinic
Clinique d'optométrie SD&G Optometry Clinic
Clinique d'optométrie SD&G Optometry Clinic
Clinique d'optométrie SD&G Optometry Clinic